“There are two days in the year that we can not do anything, yesterday and tomorrow” – Gandhi

First there was this Lost Artifact called Dance of the 3 Mothers. It had the old web address crossed out. The new url was pasted on the piece, but fell off in my pocket, so this piece has been lost for the ages under the flatirons here. Nice because I have also completely forgotten what the title for the piece refers to…. Something cosmic and possibly Lovecraftian, but I am just not certain. It’s lost in the pocket as you can see.  

Speaking of pockets, the next Lost Artifact ended up on a desert golf course during a tournament I had little interest in. This is In the Hoary Pocket.

Last up is Self Portrait of Haj and this pretension was given to a cousin who is an artist by profession and temperament. I told him that I believe that all artists are fallen angels.