artist unknown – hedge philosopher – mystic poet – revolutionary – homemaker

This child of God has no credentials other than this fact and that for over two generations he has warned of the economic and environmental calamity we face today.

Haj lives in Colorado USA with his spouse, two adult children and three vegan mutts. 

His passions include animal rights, human rights, Christianity, revolutionary politics, human growth, thinking, creative pursuits, books, movies and the whole history of art, culture and corruption. Haj is offbeat and loves artists and their art. He loves the pessimist, the atheist, the LGBTQueer, poor people, and those who challenge the establishment of lies they may call truth and wisdom, but is really just conformist folly.

“I am not in the high place. When Christ comes among the sinners, that’s where I hope to be”.

Image of Haj as a young artist.



Gnostic Christianity

A different sort of Fundamentalist Worldview

Haj is a Gnostic Christian, so you should also expect some of this along with inquiries into the philosophical – like: Who are we? What is real? What is the good life and how do we find it? Things like that.

When Christ left the desert, well…He got political. One can’t avoid history either and how it impacts what is happening today. So, there is some of that and a little of this.  

Christianity breeds optimism. Artists are today’s visionaries. Hear them if you have ears to hear.    

We’re Wonderful

That’s Why

Hare Krishna. Come Christ. Return to us and lead us back to the garden. Alone, we are weak. We need your strength and your guidance to lead us and protect us. God’s will be done. For only the Father knows what is best for each of His children. Praise God for His Son. Praise God for every living creature. Praise God for the mercy of His Fatherly love. Amen.