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Flattery for Why You Matter with its first review (5 stars): Great book articulating some of the problems with post modernism. “This book reads like a treaty bu Nietzsche, but with more clarity and a connection to spirituality. I found it insightful and engaging. Definitely great for when you want to think deeply about life, spirituality, and our purpose as human beings.

why you matter

Finding Meaning and Joy in Life through Gnosis


Why Do You Matter?

Who are you?

Where do you come from?

Where are you going?

Have you ever felt hopeless and alone?

Are there any answers? 

The book Why You Matter takes you along a rational path of mystical enlightenment. First is an examination of the evidence and logic that points us to where we come from and who we really are. Haj then takes you through the Perennial three states of existence – Being, Awareness and Peace – and how these states relate to your life.


Importantly, this book emphatically teaches us that you personally matter. Why this is so is something called the Simple Truth. This is the gnosis of the ancients. They have called this secret knowledge.

As a child of God, you must truly matter.

You are loved.

You are loved unconditionally.

You are essential.

Most especially, you are not alone. 

In fact, there is no Heaven without you.

Ask and you shall receive.

Treat others as you would be treated and

do what you feel.

Hear the Word. Transform your life. Read this book.

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Why You Matter by Haj




You reap what you sow. Eat a tomato and plant a fertilized seed. Eat death and plant a bone.

Live and Let Live? Who lives and who decides who lives?

The Thanatos is the will to return to the peace and stillness of the “perfect”, yet unconscious, primordial existence of the infinite, but this repose without dreams is no longer possible. We have been awakened and are alive, so this promise of death is the greatest of lies.   

Early Christians were “offended by the use of oaths, the pomp of magistracy, and by the active contention of public life” and held it unlawful to ever “shed the blood of our fellow-creatures”, so said Edward Gibbon.


Do what you feel.

Every single religion and form of faith is based in the truth of the spirit. Every single religion becomes, to use Weber’s term, routinized or corrupted. There are no exceptions that I am aware of. This generation’s saved will come from all faiths – Christians, Muslims, Hindi, Jews, agnostics, atheists and all others.  

The creed of damnation and a grace exclusive to God’s elite was written by masters and not by slaves. God’s justice is mercy. We’re the ones who wish to punish and to suffer.

You who would judge know that the first shall be last and the last shall be first. Christ is the good shepherd who leads us back to the garden. It is He who holds the gate open and departs to seek the lost sheep finally returning only with the last of them. If you have ears, then hear the call of the shepherd.


We don’t need the multiverse – sure, this highly speculative and theoretical science might be true, but we don’t need it. This one universe, fine-tuned for carbon-based intelligent life, is enough.

God made the Earth, but the Devil made this world.

Eternity is in the moment. Time is illusory.

Alone in the desert with his devil, Christ was tempted with wealth. What did you say when your devil made this offer?