The prophets of doom always, always get it right about the big one. The End will come. The great civilizations of the world have always fallen. It’s inevitable. In the Western world one can go back as far as ancient Crete. The blasphemies of the king had led to his fall. His infidelity became the queen’s and the secret of a bull-headed monster stalking the labyrinth below his royal palace was manifested and made somehow real. Soon Minoans would hear prophecies whispered in dark caves about the end of the world. Would it be a volcano, or a tsunami, or even foreign invasion? It matters not – Crete fell. Rome fell. Every civilization before us has eventually fallen into ruin.

The real trick of prophecy has always been about timing. Every age has had its prophets all claiming that theirs was the end time and, of course, missing the mark and precipitating their own fall instead.

Christian lore claims that no one will know the time that the end will come. Indeed, an apocalyptic Jew and carpenter’s son named Yeshua Ben Yosef believed he lived in the end of times. What if we are right in the middle of our end now? Would we be going out on a limb to declare these the end times?

Sure, we have a world that is twisted inside out and fashioned together from some nightmare born of our unconscious Id. There is murder, nah even mass slaughter and genocide. There is war and slavery. We have famine, plague and injustice in every corner of this world. There are perversions that would make Pasiphaë blush. Our animal brothers and sisters are bred for slaughter, for excruciating torture and for unholy vivisection. Theft, greed, arson, unimaginable cruelty all…you know, we’ve got the whole shebang don’t we? Most of this has been around for a very long time, but in many ways it’s probably getting worse and more…systematically efficient….

Hiroshima changed things. Now we have the power of the atom – the power of life and death on a global even a solar scale. Today, it isn’t just the powerful with their interests in maintaining the status quo that wield these weapons either. Indeed many of the most powerful nations have abandoned or dramatically reduced their self-destructive arsenals. Yet on the other extreme we have Pakistan, India, Israel and now North Korea and what looks to be a future with more “rogue crazies” getting their hands on nukes in an age where war and murder seem just as popular as they were a millennium or two ago.

So we see another unprecedented series of disasters in the making with the unchecked consumption of planet Earth and the effects of man-made climate change. First the great Behemoths named Katrina and Sandy rose from the sea and now another Leviathan named Harvey has made landfall. There’s more, of course, but these disasters have come from man and come from the dysfunctional world we have all worked to stitch together from so many bones, bonds and from the exploitation of the meek and the weak.

As if that’s not enough…yeah, there’s more. We have a society wholly unprepared with our latest technological revolution – AI. Like throwing a match in a powder keg, we barely seem cognizant of what we are charging into. In our arrogance and pursuit of pharma-profits, we are ill prepared for the next global pandemic and are dealing with the terrible self-inflicted “opioid crisis” that is claiming more lives than AIDS or even traffic fatalities. Computational propaganda and the nefarious tools of the world’s security state have left our people and societies vulnerable in more ways than we can count or really even understand.

That leaves us with those in charge – a veritable bevy of hopped up auto-fellate demons whipping us all madly as the drum beats rhythmically on this slave-ship we call our world, but is it really ours? Some they fool always and others only sometimes, but they can’t…well you know how that goes. Remember, they know and they know what they are doing. They have this worked out and have for many generations. Remember, you’re not paranoid when everyone is out to get you….

This is their war after all. Divide and conquer. Blame the blacks, the Hispanics, the immigrants and those wanting another handout. They deny the truth and can barely see past their own noses. Maybe that’s what gets them in the end. They care only for themselves…their pleasures and just keeping things the way it’s been for, I don’t know, thousands and thousands of years now.

Our public education system has failed under bad government management – privatize it. Our social security system is broken – privatize it. Terror fills our streets – lock down society, restrict liberty and bring back safety. Drugs are destroying our children and our future, wage a war on drugs and get tough on crime. Our businesses can’t compete on a global scale, stop hampering them and give them the open hand. Our culture – our very lifestyle – is threatened, close the borders. You can be wealthy and powerful too, so taxes must be kept down while we stop the government handouts and beef up the power of our armed forces. It goes on.

Then there is the Antichrist. He keeps coming back with his cohorts. No need to name names, they know who they are. Our last great president, who transformed this nation, and indeed the world, was the wounded prophet of this unholy age. So is the time now? Are we in the middle of the End?

Ralph Nader calls it Omnicide. Hunter Thompson said, “The truth, when you finally chase it down is almost always far worse than your darkest visions and fears.”

This much we should agree on. This world is unsalvageable and utterly corrupt to its evil core. We must build something new from the ashes of this terrible world we took an entire history to fashion. We must work together to build a better place for all God’s children. A place we can call home. A place we can return to in peace, love and fellowship. …Our planet Earth.

This post has been only slightly altered since it was first posted on the Reveille website on August 31, 2017.